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Agent Karver

When Darkness Falls... The Department of Mystic Affairs picks up the pieces

Karver was forced to become a serial killer when he was possessed by a demon.

Now he works as a Federal Agent for the Department of Mystic Affairs to atone for what the demon did,


From the DMA casefiles of Agent Karver & Bianca Jones

Before they can Save the World, they must first save each other.

Barton Karver was once The Carver, a man possessed by a demon and forced to commit horrific murders. Now exorcised of the monster inside him, Karver has joined the Department of Mystic Affairs, trying to atone for the crimes he was forced to commit. Bianca Jones knows there is evil in the world. One of her first cases as a detective for the Baltimore Police Department involved a family slaughtered by The Carver.Now to keep her city safe from the things that lurk in the shadows, she hunts monsters both human and otherwise for the BPD. Bianca and Karver meet at the DMA Academy. Will Karver be able to keep his dark past a secret from the suspicious detective? What will Bianca do if and when she learns the truth? And when the time comes, will the two be able to work together – first to rescue a child and then to save the world?



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The DMA casefiles of Agent Karver

When Darkness Falls… The DMA Picks Up The Pieces.

After battling the demon serial killer within him, the Department of Mystic Affairs offers Karver a chance at redemption as a federal agent.With his empath partner Mandi Cobb,they protect and serve the innocent, by taking on zombie rasiers, a twisted faerie kidnapper, a mage’s hidden heart, Lovecraftian horrors, a nexus of evil so vile the president has considered using a nuclear option on American soil, those who make deals with the devil and use children’s faces to do their evil, the beast with two backs and Karver’s own past.



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Praise for Agent Karver:


“As much as I wanted to hide my eyes behind my hands, peeking through the slits of my fingers, I could not help but continue reading… Thomas mixes ancient lore with what I like to call keyhole terror. The effect is a breakneck ride through established myths with full-bodied characters, while glimpsing the effects of horror through a keyhole, not in your face blood and gore, but the hint of its occurrence. Just enough scare to set the scene, the reader assumes the rest. The effect is one hell of a ride… Recommended for readers who like dark fantasy with a subtle twist of terror.” – Rae Bryant, The Fix