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Sometimes when you're beating back the darkness
you have to leave the rainbow behind.


     Evil walks the Earth in many forms, but so do those who oppose it. Protecting the innocent & seeking justice, they fight to beat back the darkness.Their names are legend or soon shall be.

Welcome To Murphy’s Lore After Hours.



Many of the cast of the Murphy's Lore books have gotten their own spin-off stories and even books. Hell's Detective, Terrorbelle, and Agent Karver & the DMA all have 2 books and Hex will get his second book in 2018. The Startenders, set decades in the future, have 2 books too. Vince Argus, Soul For Hire has one book and a short film, Act of Contrition. Nemesis and the Pink Reaper shared From The Shadows with John French's Nightmare in the pulp era and the Pink Reaper will be getting her own collection soon. So will Sir Dagonet the Infinite Jester, Moni the Graveyard Angel (although technically she, Hex and Vince Argus the Soul For Hire all had limited editions but all three have sold out). Terrorbelle is getting another collection collecting some of her tales as a Daemor soldier in Faerie. The Crimson MIdnight, The Kinder (Paddy's kids and friends), and the Swords of the Daemor have all had solo stories. And a couple of Murphy novels and more collections are in the works so stay tuned and check out the link to the individual character pages. And as always, thanks.