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The Jack Gardner Mysteries




Nominee for the 2015 Silver Falchion Award

When it comes to murder at a convention of killers, everyone is a suspect.

      Husband and wife private investigators Jack and Annie Gardner are very good at their jobs. He’s a one-handed demolitions expert and bomb disposal specialist. She’s a former circus performer and a crack shot. Together they run Gardner Investigations.

     Joseph Mozzano is the former head of the Baltimore mob. When his grandson is murdered at a secret annual assassins’ convention being held in Baltimore on the QT there is little he can do. He can’t go to the cops and the man who runs the convention is too powerful for even his organization to take on. So he goes to the only one who can help—Jack Gardner, the man who years ago put him away.

     Jack and Annie reluctantly agree to go undercover among the professional murderers using his skills with explosives and hers with guns to pose as killers. It may be the toughest case of their careers.

Praise for the Jack Gardner Mysteries:

    “The Assassins’ Ball is a delightful tongue-in-cheek romp reminiscent of a modern day Thin Man adventure. Jack and Annie Gardner are the new ‘first couple’ of mystery and suspense.” —Michael A. Black, author of Chimes at Midnight and the Executioner series.


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Tales of Gearworld

Even Aliens Love Steampunk…  

      Which is why the Aloff created Steamworld. Those born on the playworld go about their lives not realizing they are camera fodder for the Bugeyes. But there are those who were kidnapped from Earth, those who know, those who try to make Steamworld a better place:

 Lady Thistle and Sir Bult – Steam Table Knights who are charged with solving a string of bank robberies where one of the criminals is a mechanical dragon.

 Lil Repute – former lady of the evening turned adventurer working to solve the disappearance of three streetcorner girls not important enough for the authorities to search for.

 Colonel Reginald Windglass and the Skyrovers – retired general and former commander of the Albion Empire’s military forces, leads a group of irregulars against slaver sky pirates.

      And last, but certainly not least, especially in his own mind –
Jackson Grimstone, the Spellpunk – On Earth, Grimstone had been a school teacher. The aloff forcibly separated him from his daughter. To try and get her back, he has become the greatest rogue the city of Thames has ever seen. If a would-be Jack the Ripper, a murderous voodoo practitioner, or a war between the Sisters of the Order of the Red Hood and a race of manwolves need stopping, there is nobody better for the job than the Spellpunk.

Praise for Gearworld:

  “Red Riding Hoods on steam cycles hunting wolfmen! Mechanical dragons robbing banks! Mad scientists stitching bodies together! Patrick Thomas takes you to a thrilling new world of steampunk adventure in these six must-read retro-futuristic tales.”      -David Lee Summers, author of the Clockwork Legion series.

    “Well-told tale in an interesting world.” – Sam Tomaino, SFRevu


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