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From behind the bar to beyond the stars!

Sometime in the not so distant future of the Murphy’s Lore Universe…


     John Murphy knows a thing or two about lending a helping hand. As a bartender at Bulfinche’s Pub, he’s helped the troubled for years. But now a mad sea god is going to sink New York City. Nobody’s going to believe it, which means millions will die. But thanks to a time traveling message and a prophecy, leprechaun Paddy Moran has gathered legends together with brave men and women to form the Startenders, a group like no other the universe has ever seen. They have built a space station and a fleet of barships and dedicated themselves to helping others. Murphy himself becomes the head honcho of the barship Fools’ Glory and its crew of tricksters – Loki, Coyote, the daughter of Pan, a dragon demi-goddess, a golden melog and a sentient plant. But will even Murphy and the Startenders be enough to save the people of New York? Or prevent a genocide? Win a deadly game of spikeball? Help millions of aliens find their way home in time to spawn? Defend paradise? And most importantly, find the answer to the age-old question – why did the chicken cross the galaxy?


Praise for Startenders from the cast and crew:

    “One small book for my son, one giant leap for all bookkind.” -Murphy’s Mom
“These Startenders are good eggs.” -Manuk Manuk, the blue cosmic chicken who laid the egg that hatched the universe
“It beats dying at Ragnarok.” -Loki, Norse trickster god


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Tales of the Startenders

     In the wake of the destruction of New York City by a mad god, legends and former barflies of Bulfinche’s Pub venture out to distant worlds as Startenders in order to help those in need, both human and alien. Join former bartender John Murphy, the head honcho of the barship Fools’ Glory and its crew of tricksters – Loki, Coyote, the daughter of Pan, a dragon demi-goddess, a golden melog and a sentient plant in their latest adventures as they are called upon to stop the bastart descendants of Bast from achieving godhood with the help of an intergalactic spy network run by cats; are recruited by the Grim Reaper himself to stop a serial killer who slaughters entire planets; go on a collection job to the planet of Ogra to negotiate with a city’s ruler, a woman who would rather let billions die than pay her whiskey bill; rescue an old friend from the emperor god of the interstellar Goblin Empire; work to stop a terrorist plot in orbit around the Earth; try to prevent a dying star from going supernova and wiping out three inhabited worlds and find the ultimate constellation prize.

Praise for Constellation Prize  from the cast and crew: 

“Just when you think he can’t get any better, Murphy manages to top himself and he hits one out of the solar system,” – Murphy’s Mom
“Better than a year’s supply of catnip,” – Bast, cat-headed Egyptian goddess, Startender and head of the Cynosure spy network
“Murphy’s okay, but he’s not that great. He was dumb enough to let me on his crew and foolish enough to lose a bet with me, which explains why he’s wearing that ridiculous spandex sci-fi jumpsuit on the cover,” – Coyote, Native American trickster god, Startender




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Praise for the Startenders series:

“Delightfully Oddball,” –Dave Truesdale, SF Site

“Patrick Thomas is a master of combining the silly with the sublime, the over-the-top with the ordinary. His crazy comedy will have you laughing out loud, even as you sweat out yet another inescapable situation alongside his creations. His work is always original and never, ever dull, and something I always look forward to reading.” -Elektra Hammond, Editor/Reviewer

“Hilariously intelligent,” -Luke Reviews