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The 142nd Starborne

Humanity had spread to the stars. Those who ruled on Earth saw their power slipping away as people left for a chance at a better life, but they came up with a solution. Some say the ruling elite engineered mankind’s nightmares into being while others swear the Sway found the monsters in the shadows where they had been hiding. The thing certain was the Sway had made the monsters their servants. Worlds were overrun by the monsters, sometimes with the blessing of the Sway to punish rebellion and prevent future uprisings.

The politicians of the Sway found an old tome and summoned something from the darkness that should have been left there to rot for eternity. It was supposed to give them ultimate control. Instead, it overran the Earth. Orders were sent out to all warships to return and defend the homeworld, but the truth was most of humanity was already dead. The politicians were among the only humans left alive and were willing to send untold thousands of soldiers to their deaths in a vain attempt to save their own lives. Those that obeyed orders were destroyed or forced by the darkness to betray both their humanity and their honor.

It is a universe where betraying the rulers of the Sway was the only way to maintain honor and traitors were the only heroes.

Stories from the 142nd Starborne have appeared in these anthologies-











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