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Mystic Investigators

Down These Mean Streets goes a new breed of Sleuth

Down these mean streets filled with monsters and magic walks

— A fairy with a gun — A fedora-wearing gorilla with a human brain — A forgotten god who works as Hell’s Detective  — A bounty hunting Bogart school teacher —  A Soul Collector — Frankenstein’s monster in a Nazi death camp — A high school student who discovers conspiracy theories are both real and deadly — An explosive woman who is more super than hero — A fedora wearing gorilla with a human brain —An enigma in a straightjacket — A barbarian single father taking on the criminals of Philadelphia and— A former demon-possessed serial killer turned federal agent —

They are  a new breed of sleuth





In Baltimore, crime is hell. And in Hell crime is far worse. When a soul goes missing in Charm City, the Devil wants his due and Negral, forgotten god  and Hell’s Detective,  comes looking. When his own methods fail, he calls on Detective Bianca Jones despite the animosity between her and his boss. Together they search for his soul. In the process, Negral unwittingly a disciple and is forgotten no longer and forced to choose between honor and power. When an  old enemy manages to make Negral disappear into the inside of a locked door mystery, the pair must work the case from the inside and out before the forgotten god fades away to oblivion.

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 In a bygone era, criminals owned the city but there were those willing to put on a costume to fight evil and corruption. Avenging the death of loved  ones, they fight in the night for those who cannot defend themselves. The Nightmare put on his mask to settle the score for his chauffeur’s murdered daughter. The Pink Reaper donned her costume and gadgets to bring her uncle’s killers to justice. And Nemesis, the daughter of night herself, fights both the evil in this world and her own missing memory. Together and separately they battle for those the system has forgotten or is simply powerless to stop, that is until Zeus, the king of the gods who stole Nemesis’s memories, come back to finish the job and destroy anyone who dares stand in his way.

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Beyond the veil lives the source of fairy tales, dark entities who are the embodiment of fable. They watch and wait for another chance to wreck havoc in the real world. None of them want anything to do with happily ever after. The fables take over humans and manipulate events to reenact their stories, each time with new, unwitting players trapped in the story cycle. If left unchecked, the death and destruction escalates to a worldwide scale. For over a thousand years the duty of stopping them has fallen on the agents of Templar Mason, known in the days of old as the Knights Templar. Witch Jillian Anderson is hunting a sorcerer who has found a way to summon the stories to the mortal plane. She must stop him before the fables can get a foothold on the real world and end their stories before they end hers.

Praise for Mystic Investigators:

“Every story in Mystic Investigators is a good read…. You will enjoy this volume as much as I do and I strongly suggest you pick it up.” -Sam Tomaino, SFRevu

“If paranormal that mocks the darkness is your cup of tea, check this out…  it’s a great stand-alone read.” -Wendy S. Delmater, Abyss & Apex

“Get your own copy of Mystic Investigators & savor it slowly, like hot chocolate on a dark & stormy night,” -Ida Vega-Landow, The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society

“Thomas’ talent with words makes every story engaging. The characters resonate well, and you won’t be able to stop yourself for looking for other adventures they have.” -Luke Forney, Luke Reviews

Returning soon in e-book and omnibus editions including the never before published Partners In Crime!!!